Thursday, July 22, 2010

Mountains and Appetites: Unlimited

A recent excursion took us hiking up every mountain in and around Atlin with the Yukon Ski Team. While still a rockin' good time, this was training-camp-style enthusiastic pace for 7+ hours, sometimes no trail to follow, and often necessary to use all four limbs plus more to get to the top!

A great side effect of so many mountain peaks is an endless appetite and constant eating. And the funny thing about camping is just about anything tastes fantastic. So while the following meals may not seem particularly unique or special, try a little pre-hike and dinner will taste ten times better.

Dinner #1: Chicken Fajitas

Whole wheat wraps
Chicken (cooked in basic fajitas seasoning)
Yellow, Orange and Red Peppers (cooked with chicken)
Mixed Greens
Mango Lime Salsa
Old Cheddar

This meal has is all... colour, flavour, nutritiousness, its easy to make and leaves very few dishes.

Dinner #2: Foil Fire Roast

This meal is a Girl Guide favourite. Even easier and less dishes than fajitas.

Just put yummy stuff in many layers of foil, throw in the fire, play some cards while you're waiting, then dig in!

We put the following in our foil roasts but the possibilities are endless...

Pre-cooked ham
Yellow and red bell peppers
Old cheddar

Many a fellow camper expressed extreme jealously over our brilliantly simple and scrumtious meal!

And you gotta have s'mores for dessert with this one...

See below for some more appetite-building action!

B. showing off her pro-river hopping skills.

A. taking the fastest route down.

Rock tossing, an infinitely entertaining game.

Stay posted for more posts. There's just been too many adventures and not enough time to share them!

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